Manual retarder cyclo motor reducer transmission Varitron drive worm gear operator WPA/LW

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Manual retarder cyclo motor reducer transmission Varitron drive worm gear operator WPA/LW
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Model Number: WPA / LW
Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 19 - 3950N.M
Rated Power: 0.1kW - 75kW
Input Speed: 0 - 2500rpm
Output Speed: 0 - 500rpm
Worm Gear box Ratio: 5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60
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Model Number: WPA / LW
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Packaging Details: Gearbox packed in Crate or Wooden boxes to ensure Highest protection and minimum damage
Supply Ability: 800 Set/Sets per Week
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Quality Gearbox by Varitron from TAIWAN

Varitron Cyclo Drive Gear box Speed Reducer Motor manual worm gear operator
Product Description

- Output Shaft
Medium carbon steel S45C, precision process and grinding with CNC lathe.

- Worm Wheel
Alluminum brass ALBC3 and FC20, shaping cutter and computer auxiliary deisgn low friction coefficient, durability in use,

- Output Shaft Cover
Cast iron FC20 or cast aluminum AL

- Outer Shell
Cast iron FC20, one-line body, high intensity, elegant appearance, remarkable radiating effect.

- Worm Shaft
Medium carbon steel S45C or SCM21, cut by precision tooth-rolling machiine, after being heated, grind the tooth so that the tooth is correct and smooth, high efficiency in operation, without noise.

- Input Shaft Cover
Case iron FC20 or cast aluminum AL


Model Name: WPA or LW

Made in Taiwan to ensure durable quality

Worm Gear Frame 50-135Worm Gear Frame 155-250
Worm Gear Frame 300-500

Company Information

Varitron follows strickly on our production SOP to ensure finest quality for power transmission speed reducer gearbox.

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